Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and Fall Injuries

Have you ever tripped over a cracked sidewalk? Fell down stairs that haven’t been maintained? Fell in a wet substance in a store with no wet floor sign visible? Slipped on ice outside of a business? You could be looking at a Slip and Fall Claim!

The owner of the property you were injured at could be held liable for your injuries. It must be proved first, however, that the owner was negligent before they can be held liable.

You must be considered an Invitee, Licensee or Trespasser to be the injured party.

  • An invitee is someone who has the direct or implied permission from the owner to be on the property.
  • A trespasser is someone who does not have the permission of the owner to be on their property even if they are on the property by mistake.
  • A licensee is someone whose presence on the property is tolerated or permitted and therefore, is not a trespasser, but who does not qualify as an invitee.

Once this is determined it is important to take photographs, record any statements made by any witnesses and save any physical evidence. If you miss any time from work due to the injury be sure to keep track of all hours missed.

If you have been injured in a Slip and Fall accident you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Gaps in time from when the injury occurred to when you first seek medical treatment will weaken your claim.

This is why it is important for people injured from a slip, trip and fall accident to hire an attorney who has the experience and knowledge needed for these types of claims.

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