The attorneys here at The Law Offices of Robert R. Pagniello have helped thousands of clients get benefits they were deserved for various cases.

Please see below for examples of past cases our firm has settled:


In one case, a client had suffered a pulmonary illness caused by the paint fumes he had to breathe in everyday due to the poor ventilation in the workshop. After working with our client's pulmonologist, we were able to prove that the paint fumes were the cause of our client's Lung illness and ended up settling his claim for $40,000.00.*


In another case, the client fell from a ladder at work causing him severe back problems leading to surgery. After obtaining all medical records the employer accepted liability and the case settled for $90,000.00.*


One client worked at a hospital and was responding to an emergency call when she hyper-extended her knee. She had to undergo 3 surgeries, none of which corrected the problem. The case was settled for $102,500.00 plus open medical treatment.*

Please click on the link below to see all awards given in the State of Georgia for the year 2011 for Social Security Cases: *

DISCLAIMER *Please note the above referenced cases were the outcome of that specific case for that particular person. All cases are different (different injuries, different employers, different areas) and while The Law Offices of Robert R. Pagniello can guarantee we will work hard to get you what you deserve, we cannot guarantee any outcome such as the settlements listed.